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Controller Box

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Motor Controller Box

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Compatible Models:

– Bangeran Dragon Mobile Scooter with Child Seat

– Bangeran Dragon Mobile EX Scooter with Large Seat

Instructions for Installing the Controller Box inside the Dragon Mobile Scooter

Step 1

Be sure that the scooter is turned off.

Step 2

Remove the screws from the plastics that is under the seat, then remove the plastic.

Step 3

Disconnect all the cables from the controller that is currently in the scooter right now.

Step 4

Connect the wires of the new controller box to the cables that comes from the steering wheel and the motors.

Wires from the Steering WheelWires from the Control Box:

Long Three Cables: Green, Red, BlackBlue, Red, Black

Three Cables: Blue, Yellow, BrownOrange, Black, PurpleBlack

Three Cables: Green, Red, BlackPink, Gray, Black

Two Cables: Black, YellowGreen, BlueWhite

Two Cables: Pink, GrayBlack, White

*While connecting the wires please don’t force the plugs to connect if you are struggling, the forks in the plugs may bend if pressed too hard. *

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