Collection: Airline Approved Mobility Scooters

Lightweight Foldable Airline Approved Mobility Scooters

We at Bangeran understand how difficult It is to find mobility scooters that are both affordable and Airline approved and ready for travel. Hence we dedicated our time in created Lithium-ion Battery scooters that are both TSA & FAA approved so you can take them with you on your vacation with family & friends with no trouble at all.

These mobility scooters are light in weight which are easy to carry around, foldable as well so you can have them alongside your seat as well 

Can You Take Mobility Scooters on a Plane?

You Absolutely can, but the scooters have to be approved by the FAA in order for you to take them. We would still recommend talking to your airline provider to avoid any last minute inconvenience but our scooters are designed to be fully acceptable for airlines. 

The Lithium-ion batteries would probably need to be removed during an inspection but everything else should be of no issues and you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.