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Oct 05 09:34 PM

Electric Wheelchairs: Shifting to Joysticks

Joysticks are the new wave of mobility with electric wheelchairs. They have a bit of a learning curve but are extremely useful once you have got the basics down. Here are some tips on making the switch to an electric wheelchair, and what to expect from using a joystick rather than a manual.

Oct 05 09:31 PM

3 Key Benefits of an Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs are a fantastic solution to have available to you. While a manual chair may be a bit simpler for transport purposes, electric chairs have a ton of valuable perks as well. Here are some tips on why it may be the time to make the switch to an electric wheelchair.

Sep 20 07:05 PM

Extend Your Electric Wheelchair's Battery Life

Battery life is crucial to keeping your electric wheelchair running at maximum efficiency. Here are some key tips to be aware of in keeping your battery healthy, how long they’re expected to last, and when its time for a replacement.